The Queensland Herb Society was formed in 1975 to bring together 
people interested in learning more about the growth and use of herbs. 
Our members now extend throughout all areas of Queensland giving 
you the benefit of a wide variety of wisdom and experience.

The Queensland Herb Society is a group of friendly, like minded people, who meet each month to share and experience the wonders of Herbs.

Some of our members are interested in the medicinal aspects of herbs, others the culinary delights and still others the pure joy of gardening with herbs. Whatever your reason and interest in herbs may be, you will find others in the club to share and swap ideas with.

Our motto is “Learning by Sharing” and we encompass this by having guest speaker or workshop nights at our monthly meetings. We have speakers who cover a wide variety of topics – from aromatherapy to organic gardening and edible weeds. Workshop nights have covered soap making, herb infused paper making, herbal recipes in a jar, Recycling and reusing tips for the garden and basic potting guidance. So there’s something for everyone.

Some months we also have a theme for the meeting – in the past we have had Thai, Spanish and Hobbit nights! Always a fun chance to dress up, as well as share herbal information related to the country or theme.

We also have an “Herb of the Month” at each meeting, where one of our members will choose a favourite herb and present a short talk to share their knowledge.

Often members will bring along cuttings from their garden that are available free for others to take home. And the extensive Library is available free to members.

The meeting is always concluded with supper, where members share their culinary skills, often trying to incorporate the Herb of the Month in their offerings. This is a great chance to chat and catch up with new and old friends and share your latest news.

Throughout the year we try to organise at least two outings, sometimes it is a bus tour and other times a self drive event. On these days (usually on the weekend) we visit places of varied herbal and gardening interest.

Our big event for the year is “Herb Awareness“, our annual show. This is held in May each year and is a chance to showcase all things herbie. With medicinal and culinary herbs and plants for sale, a wide variety of stalls, free talks and demonstrations, as well as our famous “Cafe Sage” with home baked, herb inspired food and beverages, Herb Awareness is a great day out for anyone who wants to learn more about growing and using herbs.

The Queensland Herb Society is a friendly group, who welcome new members and what they may have to offer. We hope you will have the chance to come and visit us soon.

Here is some info to Print and share with others about QHS.