Get intimate with your herbsHerb of the Month

Each month at our general QHS Meetings we feature a Herb-of-the-Month. Members choose a herb that holds a particular interest for them and often share their personal experiences in regard to growing, cooking or the medicinal benefits of a herb. For others it’s a great chance to research a new herb and share their new found knowledge with others – Learning by Sharing!

November 2017

Zizyphus spinosa (Red date)

Ziziphus spinosa (red date) is a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for its mild sedative action and calming effect on the nerves and mind.

The fruit is an edible drupe, yellow-brown, red, or black, globose or oblong, 1–5 cm long, often very sweet and sugary, reminiscent of a date in texture and flavour.


October 2017

 Photo by Sandra Nanka

Taraxacum officinale ~ Dandelion

• Native from northern hemisphere introduced by the early settlers
• Classified as a weed in this country
• Look for toothed leaves (lions tooth)
• Tap root
• One flower head per stalk
• Seeds spread by wind
• Germinates readily

Food as medicine
• Leaves are edible and have a bitter taste
• Leaves are more diuretic
• Flowers can be added to salads
• Dried roots can be mixed with chicory & or coffee to make a refreshing drink
• Roots have more of cholagogue action