Herbs are wonderful plants that have been grown and used in all parts of the world
for thousands of years. 

They are extremely versatile plants, providing a wealth of different flavours for cooking and have great medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Not to mention the herbal potpourris, posies and decorative floral arrangements that add fragrance and charm to our homes.

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Our August Herb of the Month, presented by Sarah Heath is Salad Burnett (Sanguisorbia minor). 


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Herb of the Month 

Next Meeting - Tuesday 5th Sept

At our July meeting Jackie presented Chamomile for our Herb of the Month!  The aromatic and therapeutic compounds of both species are mainly contained within the yellow central disk of flower-heads or capitula, and the EO extracted from them.

Download the comprehensive Herb of the Month in PDF format here!

Join us for a our September meeting for fascinating night when Vanessa Ilott gives us an informative talk on Medieval Herbs

Herb of the Month will be Pink Baby's Breath (Talinum paniculatum).  This edible weed is one that Kate Wall spoke about earlier in the year. This month Kate will give us a more in depth look at this particular plant.

The AGM portion of the night is always short and sweet so don’t fear. For those wishing to nominate, or to be nominated for a committee position please contact us via email below.

The Queensland Herb Society meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except January) at 7.30pm
Address: Albion Peace Hall, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor.

Vistors and Guests Welcome.

Entry Fee: Members $2 and Guests $3

'Cooking with Herbs' contains lots of recipes using herbs - tried and tested this book offers some unusual and tasty recipes as well as lots of tips and hints.

Books for sale

‘One Hundred and One Herbs to Grow in South East Queensland’ this is a good resource for growing herbs in our climate, it covers 101 herbs with a page dedicated to each herb.

There is a ‘Garden-O-Metre’ to indicate how easy/hard each herb is to grow. Basic tips for growing herbs, an extensive list of gardening terms and instructions on how to propagate herbs. This really is a must if you want to grow herbs here in south east Queensland.

If you want to know more about how to grow herbs or some great herbal recipes, we have two fantastic publications put together by the members of the Queensland Herb Society.

$15 each or buy them both for $25  

+ Postage:
$5 for 1 book or $10 for 2 books

Who is the Queensland Herb Society?

The Queensland Herb Society (QHS) was formed in 1975 to bring together people interested in learning more about the growth and use of herbs. 

Our members now extend throughout all areas of Queensland giving you the benefit of a wide variety of wisdom and experience.

The motto of the Queensland Herb Society is "Learning by Sharing" and we do our best to stand by it! 

We hold monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month (except January) with guest speakers or workshops that cover a wide variety of topics ranging from how to grow to cooking demonstrations, from aromatherapy to organic gardening and edible weeds to worm farming. We even have theme nights such as Thai, Spanish or Hobbit herbs and members dress to suit! You will often find plant cuttings from members’ gardens available to take home. After every meeting we invite you to join us for supper where you have the opportunity to chat and exchange experiences over herbal tea and delicious herb inspired treats made by our members. 

Members and guests are invited to join us on periodic bus trips to various places of interest such as herb gardens and nurseries, where you can be inspired by the efforts of others. The QHS also has an extensive library of herb and plant books for members to borrow. 

Every three months members receive a copy of our “Sage” magazine containing the latest Society news and events, as well as useful herb and garden tips, recipes and information relating to our meetings. Sage will keep you up-to-date and expands our motto of Learning by Sharing. 

Each year, usually at the end of May the Society hold our annual showcase event “Herb Awareness” which promotes the usefulness, joy and wonder of herbs to the community. Generous donations of time, skills, cooking and products from our members ensures the success of this day.

There are a wide variety of herbs suitable for Brisbane and the surrounding areas in South East Queensland that will grow with a minimum of fuss and take very little space. Even if you do not have a garden many can be grown successfully in pots, are quick to grow, and you will be harvesting your herbs in just a few weeks!

We believe that once you become aware of all the amazing plants that are called ‘Herbs’ you won’t be able to resist that desire to delve more and more into our world. So come along to the next meeting, bring your friends and enjoy the experience... you’re sure to find something of interest and your garden will thrive on the know-how and skills of the many people you’ll meet.

So what exactly is a Herb?

And well you may ask...

Botanically speaking, a herb is: “A perennial plant whose stem is soft and dies down to the ground after flowering”.  

However, such a narrow definition excludes plants currently considered by many of us to be herbs. For example, Bay leaves are used for culinary purposes and are thought by many of us as a herb, but the Bay is in fact a tree.  

And when is something a spice and when a herb? Wikipedia says: “A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavouring, colouring or preserving food. Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are parts of leafy green plants also used for flavouring or as garnish”.

To many of us, much of the description given here for a spice would also apply to a herb. Even within the Queensland Herb Society we prefer to blur the lines a little and feel that herbs are much, much more than just “leafy green plants used for flavouring or garnish”! Many herbs have amazing medicinal qualities too.

Perhaps a more useful definition of a herb is: a plant whose leaves, flowers, seeds or other parts are used for medicine, perfume, flavouring food or other purposes.


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